What is Social Marketing Club?

We are the only business that offers our members the opportunity to earn money by simply sharing things that you have purchased with your friends on social media sites. We offer an array of products with over one millions sku's all with free shipping and a low price. As with any club, our members pay a small fee which gives them the availability to earn up to 100% of the retail profits of each product on Social Marketing Clubs website. In many instances the referral of one product on your post can cover the cost of monthly member ship fees.

We also created a social networking area that members and non-member can easily talk back and forth with the ease of knowing that they are not being monitored by third party affiliates and will not be bombarded with third party adds as the search, talk, read, like and share your friends postings. Social Marketing Club believes that third party ads are unnecessary and a deterrent from the enjoyment of the social networking community.

How does this work?

We really strive to make this as easy as possible for you. First, each membership we offer has a set number of vouchers you can use each month without purchasing any product. Second, if you do purchase product(s) within Social Marketing Club you will earn another voucher for that/those product(s). These vouchers are yours to use at any time. What the voucher does for you is when you activate it, a link is sent to each social networking site you have assigned in your profile. The voucher will post on your timeline and let your friends know that you recommend that product and if they click on your post, they will be redirected to that product which they can then purchase and continue to shop. Once they checkout and purchase the product, you will be notified in your back office that a purchase has been made, you will then receive a pending commission in your account.

The commissions will stay in pending for a maximum of two weeks after your friend receives the product, at which point the funds will be released unless the product was returned for a cash refund. When the commission is released you can choose to leave it in account or have money released to you. If you choose to leave the money in account, the last non-holiday Friday in December we will send you a check via mail or direct deposit of the total released amount in your account.

Is there a limit on how much I can make?

The short answer in no. The amount you earn is dependent on the amount of effort you put into it and the amount of quality visibility that your vouchers receive. Each item sold through your efforts will earn you a commission. Each products commission amount is determined by the actual retail profits produced by that product and your commission level. This is determined by calculating the difference in sales price from what it takes Social Marketing Club to acquire and distribute that product including overhead. Due to this, there may be instances where similar product or even like products have drastically different commission levels; however, we continually strive to increase these commission levels. There are no limitations as to the number of products or their quantities that you can receive commissions on other than the physical limitations of our suppliers.

Am I held responsible for my friends returns?

You are not held responsible for covering any returns past the two week period after the customer receives their product(s). We put a safe guard of the pending commissions for this purpose. We want to make sure your customer is satisfied with their purchase and we will do everything we can do to keep them satisfied. If your customer is not satisfied they will contact us, and we will take care of all the returns. If the only solution is a cash return prior to the two week window, we will issue a cash return and remove the pending commission from your account and will not be released to you.

If the customer wants to return the product after the allotted time frame from receiving their purchase, the only thing we can do for them is a like for like product exchange. We will not with draw any monies from your released commissions.

smc products in store

BOUNTY HUNTER HEAD-W Bounty Headphones

$39.99 buy now

Tilt Bin Plastic Storage System W/4 Bins, 23 5/8 X 6 5/8 X 8 1/8, Black

$121.18 buy now

Silhouette Can/bottle Recycling Receptacle, Round, Steel, 26gal, Silver

$954.55 buy now

DIGIPOWER DP-TP100 40\"\" Section Expandable Tripod

$24.99 buy now


$14.98 buy now

Vintage wood carved trunk, set of 3

$706.58 buy now

DualShock4 Ctrlr Camo PS4

$64.99 buy now

Tabletop Instant Easel, 14\"\" High, Steel, Black

$51.47 buy now

Trashed - Assorted Drinking Games

$22.58 buy now


$29.95 buy now
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